Blick von dem wunderbaren Gastgarten in den großzügigen Eingangsbereich.

– Hotel Heureka Venice –

“The strongest colour finds its equilibrium again but only in another strong colour, and only he who would be certain of his case, dared place them beside each other.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Zeitloses Entrée in ehrwürdigem Palazzo.

Art and Design: A Brother and Sister

In order to let works of art become again what they originally were, it requires the courage to bring a work of art into its environment with all commitment and to face the challenge that this invitation has consequences, an attitude that was unspoken but self-evident in earlier times and can be rediscovered and developed again today. Every work of art has its own independent essence and character. As such, it is alive in a way and seeks and needs the company of everything around it in order to be seen and understood in its entirety. So if art is understood as a principally meaningful expression of life, then it can be grasped anew and made once again a purposeful companion of everyday cultural life in our time.

For us in the field of interior design with our MasterPlan A, this is a constant challenge and also a preference in our work. From our point of view, the respectful handling of any work of art also requires skill, knowledge and the empathy to realise the idea and the ideal. This is the principal we follow in our work.
We leave nothing to chance, but compose the mood and atmosphere with design and interior.
In this way, we have worked together with the artist Julian Khol at the Hotel Heureka and have been able to make it possible for everyone to experience what it means: to live and dwell with art!
This, too, makes Hotel Heureka a remarkable hotel.

Originale Gewölbemalerei mit passender Einrichtung.
eindrucksvoll möbliert mit gelungener Mischung von Antiquitäten und neuen Möbel.

Mit freistehender Badewanne und antikem Kamin.
“Il Paradiso” und Spiegel-Skulptur im 2. Stock.
Außergewöhnliches Design der großen Suite im Hotel Heureka.
Blick durch den Piano Nobile mit seiner großen Festtafel.
2. Stock mit Julian Khol Skulptur und Wandgemälde desselben wie auch Pokertisch.
Hotelzimmer in blau mit Blick in den Garten.
Zentraler Raum und Zugang zu allen Zimmern der 2. Etage, wie auch der Bibliothek.
Hotelbar mit Barstühlen in der Hotellobby/Androne.
Blick in ein Hotelzimmer mit Lacroix Tapete.
Edler Stoffvorhang von Lacroix.
Restaurant Terrassenbereich mit großer Tafel.
eingerichtete Hotelküche mit Deckentapeten und Berkel-Schneidemaschine.
Marmor gefliest in Kubusmuster mit Sternenhimmel.
Bad mit Goldelementen, Fliesen mit floralem Muster und Badewanne.

MasterPlan A
EinRichtung GmbH

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1190 Wien
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