MasterPlan A

… creates and develops spaces which reflect to the greatest individuality a person’s wish. In doing so, it is in our interest to design each area – whether private or public – conceiving it entirely from the view of the goal and hence creating it therefrom. Thus the space comes into contact with the status quo enabling the desired future development and in the best case even supporting it. In order to gain such a new room of experience another person is required, a trained eye, observing from the certain distance.

What we do is always surprising and differs especially from that which everyone already knows. In doing so we always persue the beauty but also the tradition, our signature is neither only modern nor classical, but always timeless due to the resonant interaction of the traditional and the future. The most important thing for us is to move and to permeate your conception until the inherent idea becomes free, so that we then transpose it exactly into your unique setting. In this way, projects arise which are both remarkable and individual.


Whenever you contact us you must know:



During our first mutual meeting we probably ask you many questions and through the recounting of your wishes we get to know you. This would then be the starting point for our …


We follow the main thread of your plan. This we abstract until we find the gold within – the most valuable and for you most precious part of your project. From this point onwards the concept comes into being. This first vision consolidates into a first composition which we can describe and show to you with examples.
Now we meet again!
If you share our enthusiasm for this concept, we proceed to …


We fashion every detail – discuss cost, duration and all the technical aspects with you.


We decorate and furnish and see one another again for the handover. For now you see it ALL. And take over your new surrounding on all levels!


MasterPlan A
EinRichtung GmbH

Heiligenstädter Lände 29/7
1190 Wien
T 43 1 367 3653-11

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