Welcome to MasterPlan A!

We are glad that you found us because we are ready to offer you the kind of interior design that you wish for but do not know yet, in a form that is your very own. Unique in the composition of known and unknown elements, yet so similar to you and your life, similar to other people, yet deeply individual.

The same holds true for public spaces, offices and workshops, they all show their individual characters, which in return facilitate and atmospherically maintain everything happening therein, through their individual interior design.

Each river follows its riverbed and accordingly the success of every workflow is determined by the surrounding interior design of the room.

Rooms thus create opportunities but are given quality only through their interior design. Like such, rooms can help one fulfil their goals.

This holds for the successful evening in a restaurant, for the flirt with life itself in a café, for the revitalising vacation in a hotel, and of course for our own four walls. These four walls can be more than merely the border between rooms. They become unique examples of time-less art, become a source of creativity, provide new perspectives, give birth to ideas, clear the eyes for a stroll through spiritual pictures.

Where walls are more than just layered bricks, the man becomes freer, more creative, and more sensual. A plus, which can be found in a lot of our projects.

The right interior design is like the right medicine, healthful for body and soul.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!